Safar Protection Consultants - Executive and Personal Protection, Red carpet and Special Events, Property Protections, Personal Risk Assessment, Security Drivers


Safar Protection Consultants aim to provide protection to those who face above average personal risk due to their high positions, media exposure, religious beliefs or special characteristics of their family profile. We strive to provide a practical, helpful service tailored to individual risks and needs to create the safest environment possible to conduct your business or personal activities.


Executive Protection can be exciting, dangerous and a rewarding profession however our operative’s do not crave glory or recognition. Our satisfaction is quite, internal and derived from the knowledge we have done the best job for our clients. We do not publish individual clientele information to protect confidentiality; however some assignments are listed with permission in our assignment portfolio.


Affiliations - Below are some of the professional affiliations that the company and officers hold
Asis InternationalInternational Bodyguards AssociationInternational Contractors Association


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